The Teen Leadership Training (TLT) program is designed to train and mentor youth in service and leadership skills. 
The TLT vision encompasses a core of youth fulfilling meaningful and responsible Pathfinder leadership positions in the Pathfinder Club and Conference/Union Pathfinder ministry, supporting the mission of the SDA Church as they learn to give of themselves and to receive of others. 
TLT youth will experience acceptance, achievement, and responsibility in developing self-efficacy, self-respect, and identity through adult-teen mentoring in a “shared service experience” in developing a redemptive relationship with God. 

To help teens experience their developmental needs by making them feel: 
A. A sense of achievement
B. A sense of responsibility
C. A sense of respect for authority
D. A sense of acceptance in adult leadership circles
E. A sense of confidence in the development of life skills 

A. Encourage TLT members to belong to the church and to actively participate in the organized leadership of the church/conference Pathfinder ministry. 
B. Involve TLT members as associates with Pathfinder adult leadership, holding responsible positions in local and Conference Pathfinder ministries. 
C. Enable TLT in skill-building opportunities through positive communication and friendship networks created to increase resilience to peer pressure, increase self-efficiency, and increase self-confidence. 
D. Challenge TLT members in the mission and ministry of Christ through Pathfindering, making God’s Word meaningful and fruitful in their lives. 

Advantages of having a TLT program:

1) Creating leaders.
2) Counselor getting help
3) Youth have a sense of ownership 
4) younger Pathfinders desire to be a TLT
5) Youth have a ministry and a purpose in the club

For the TLT:

1) SWAU and other Adventist Universities offer nice leadership scholarships with a letter from the TX TLT Director.
2) Must public schools easily will accept the certificate with volunteer hours and the leadership training hours.
3) About 15 Leadership training hours plus about 60 volunteer hours per year.
4) For those who complete the four years will end up with more than 75 hours of leadership training and more than 300 hours of volunteer service.
5) Many non-Adventist universities will offer leadership and volunteer scholarships

TLT Application

We are trying to get our TLT program organized.  In order to do this, we need to have all TLTs registered, especially for Oshkosh.  We are trying to go paperless, so we are asking you to have your TLTs go to this LINK  and complete the application form only.  The TLT has to fill out the application, not the director.  Please make sure to ask them to use the same email account throughout the process and years in TLT program.  They will need to fill out the application every year, but recommendation letters are only required for the first-year participants. It's good to have them saved for later years but they have not been converted to electronic yet. For now, we ask that you keep the paper application and letters of recommendation with you.  Thank you for your help, let us know if you have any questions.  Blessings!


TLT Coordinator

Darlene Becerra