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Investiture Achievement


Friend | Companion | Explorer | Ranger | Voyager |  Guide

The Investiture Achievement program focuses on developing spiritual, mental, physical and social skills at a grade appropriate level. Through a combination of self-directed, unit and club activities and study, Pathfinders learn team work, self-reliance and leadership.


Each class level comprises eight sections: Personal Growth, Spiritual Discovery, Serving Others, Making Friends, Health and Fitness, Nature Study, Outdoor Living, and Honor Enrichment. At the end of the Pathfinder year, those who have completed their requirements are invested into one of the six class levels


- Friend, Companion, Explorer, Ranger, Voyager and Guide.


The origin of the class levels dates back to 1922, decades before the formal beginning of the Pathfinder program. Guide remains the highest level of the Pathfinder classes (for 10th graders),

Master Guide is the highest level of youth leadership in the Pathfinder program and Adventist youth ministries.

Investiture Achievement - officially introduced in the autumn of 2011.


The official website for the Investiture Achievement program offers record journal, cards and charts for each of the six class levels, as well as an instructor guide with the requirements for each of the class levels.


The North American Division has created an Investiture Achievement wiki with information regarding the components of the class levels.

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