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The Pathfinder Bible Experience is the Official North American Division Pathfinder Bible study program. Some affectionately call the program Bible Bowl. Each year, teams of six club members study a book of the Bible (alternating Old Testament and New Testament), memorizing large portions of God's word.

There are four levels of competition - Area, Conference, Union, and Division. The Pathfinders are tested over the assigned study books as well as the SDA Bible Commentary Introduction to each study book.

At each level, the teams scoring 90% or higher of the highest score at their testing site make 1st place and are invited to go on to the next level. The winning teams are extreme students of the Bible and in most cases memorize chapters and in some cases the entire book(s). Winning teams incorporate the Total Church Involvement approach. This means they have study coaches but also involve the church elders and other members of the local church to assist in making up sample tests, friendly competition against the elders to see who is the better student of the Bible, become involved in worships made up of talks from subject matter from the assigned study book(s). The students may also perform dramas depicting some of the Biblical stories from their assigned study book.

The Pathfinder Bible Experience Manual is the official guide and rule book for all levels of PBE play. Guidelines include team practice, team composition, translations/language, and even note on how to prepare the event site for a competition.

2023/2024 PBE Resources

How to guide - Pathfinder Bible Experience

PBE 2023/2024 Study Books

The study books for 2024 are Joshua and Judges. See next paragraph note.

PLEASE NOTE: The following verses are not a part of the study material for 2023-2024 PBE and no questions will be asked from these verses.

  • Joshua 12:7 to Joshua 13:33

  • Joshua 15:1-12

  • Joshua 15:20 to Joshua 19:49

  • Judges Chapters 19, 20, 21

Being developed and will be ready for download soon.



English (PDFs)

  • Joshua Commentary (English)

  • Judges Commentary (English)

  • Joshua (English)

  • Judges (English)

Español (PDFs)

  • Joshua Commentary (Español)

  • Judges Commentary (Español)

  • Joshua (Español)

  • Judges (Español)

Français (PDFs)

  • Joshua Commentary (Français)

  • Judges Commentary (Français)

  • Joshua (Français)

  • Judges (Français)

Local Club Forms:

  • Statement of Integrity - Please bring a signed copy to your area, conference, union, and division events.

  • Media Release Form -- Please bring a signed copy FOR EACH PARTICIPANT to your area, conference, union, and division events.


February 3, 2024 Area Level (Each Area will host)

March 2, 2024 TX Conference Level (Location TBD)

March 30, 2024 SW Union Level (SWAU)

April 19-20, 2024 NAD Level - Colorado

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